Romney the Reckless

American exceptionalism exhibits the typical characteristics of a failing empire and self-deceiving society.  While largely discredited by Bush 43’s foolish and expensive military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, this imperial ideology still attracts many frightened Americans, especially among the Tea Party, the ignorant and unemployed, and the 2% robber barons.

In the third debate, would-be president Romney frequently framed his points with an etch-a-sketch proscenium supporting American exceptionalism. Because America and our promise of democracy is the hope of the whole earth, our ill-conceived invasions of Moslem lands in Iraq and Afghanistan and our drone-assassinations in Pakistan and Yemen had to happen.

The tone of Romney’s comments about Moslems tells us everything, like the tone of his comments about “binders of women” and “self-deporting” immigrants fits with having battalions of mercenary warriors, all promised citizenship, available to quell any revolts or riots near the gated communities of the West.

While discussing national security and the Middle East, Governor Romney said something to the effect of: We need to help the world of Islam by helping them reject their own extremists.  In paternalistic mode, Elder Mitt invoked the sacred “mantle of leadership” which inevitably falls to America. As in Rudyard Kipling’s “white man’s burden,” we’re called upon to lead a Western world empire in fair and democratic fashion. Ignoring these contradictions — democracy and fair empire? — Mitt’s never-named concept of American exceptionalism supports intervention anywhere, anytime.  And oh yeah, hurrah for the drones.

Obama questions Romney about his amnesiac contortions on every important issue, and the former Governor simply replies, “Trust me.” Romney keeps saying we’ve got to get Pakistan (or Mali, or whoever we’re pressuring) to change its ways, but he never states how precisely he would manage this.

Mitt Romney nattered on about creating 12 million new jobs for Americans, and indeed that would tremendously aid our country and its national security. Yet Mitt would suffocate public education, whereas Obama asserted the truth when he said cutting government investment in education will not help us against China or against any healthy economy (see Germany).

Mitt Romney replied scathingly to Obama’s defense of education and teachers by retorting that we won’t get this economy going ‘by just hiring teachers.”

Even Brigham Young knew that teachers and education are critical, Mr. Romney. When we bring in 4 million new teachers and excite a new generation of learners, here you will find the genuine American exceptionalism, and the promise of tomorrow.

Vote Obama, Prop. 30, and for your local education tax increases.


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