I have worked. I have walked. I have meditated. I have listened to music. I have studied and read great literature. And yet in the time between each endeavor, the same thought – of lost friendship – pops into my mind.

My great grandma Johnson used to say, “Don’t worry if you can’t do anything about it, but if you can do something, get to it.” Following her advice has brought me much peace in my lifetime. As I get older and my dreams get bigger, I realize how precious time is and how each thought creates our reality. “Why dwell on something I can not change?” I find myself asking. It seems like such a waste of precious time.

Laura Stinchfield

I am always amazed at the wisdom and the perspective of beings that have crossed over, so here I will ask my late great grandma Johnson, and my deceased animals Maia the wolf dog and Joey the cat, if they have any advice for me.

My late Grandma Johnson says, “True friendships are very rare, and when found must be handled with delicate care. Though friendships comes in many forms. Sometimes one person is stronger than another. It’s important to always be yourself. To always say your truth. To never be ashamed of who you are. When one lives from that place, greater friendships develop. But when one is scared of what others may think they close themselves off from the world.

If you love someone it is important to never abandon them as a friend. If it is true friendship and they abandon you, it is up to them to come find you again. When you are found you must listen with all your being to know if it is right for you.”

Maia, my late wolf dog, says, “In my life, it took me a long time to trust and make friends. When I did trust someone, I would always protect them. Mom, what did that friend teach you? What did that friend bring to your life? That is what you should think about when you find yourself sad. Sometimes friends are only meant to be in our lives for a short time, and when they leave it is because the universe is taking them away. How did that friendship make you grow? Be thankful for that. Send love to the other person because of that. Once you understand the lesson, the thoughts will no longer arise. Be at peace with your decisions.”

Joey, my late cat, says, “You need to stretch and change the program in your body. The thoughts get locked there. If you do yoga it will move more easily. Be patient. Allow the thoughts to flow. Take care in your thoughts and take care in your actions. Direct your thoughts to things that are best for you. If you do this, your body and mind will reprogram itself. Hurt always brings strength and new understanding. Let it develop and know that it will.”

Grandma Johnson says, “To all of you people who have ever lost a good friend: There are many lifetimes, many dimensions, and many chances to love and make it better. There are some friends that have held your hands over lifetimes. When you encounter a person you immediately connect with, cherish them through their hard times, because it is they who will teach you the greatness about life, true friendship, and love.”


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