<em>Entonces Nosostros</em>

Hernan Jimenez’s witty Entonces Nosotros (About Us) takes us on a trip to the beach with couple Diego and Sofia, two young artists trying to work out some of the relationship kinks we’ve all experienced ourselves. This quirky film shines a light on the state of modern relationships, exploring love’s capacity to be both heartbreaking and insanely comical.

What was the inspiration behind this witty film? 

It’s always hard to pinpoint the exact moment or event that inspires a film for me. I guess this particular story is a mix of personal experiences and questions. I wanted to explore a deeply sad story dressed as a comedy, and see what came out of it. 

  What is this film trying to convey about the nature of relationships? 
I wanted to tell the story of a break-up. That is about as simple as it gets, and at the same time, of course, it’s also deeply complicated. I’m drawn to stories about love, family and relationships because of that duality. Relationships are primal and supposedly simple – you fall in love, so now you’re together. Yet anybody who’s ever been in a relationship knows the complexity of those dynamics provide never-ending conflict and beauty and anguish. That’s the world in which our protagonist here is hopelessly stuck.   

Did you run into any unique challenges during the making of this film? 

I think every second of making a film is a unique challenge. It sounds cliché, but I can hardly debate its truth. Being on set with not a lot of money is like standing in the eye of a big storm. And the storm throws all kinds of unforeseen curve balls at you. Literally, several of those every hour. Not unlike the subject matter of the film, it’s a beautiful cocktail of pain and love and tiredness and awe; that’s what keeps you coming back the next morning and plowing ahead.

What do you hope your audience will take away from this film? 

I hope it’ll resonate with people’s own experiences in their relationships. Everybody’s gone through a break-up. Everybody knows what unrequited love feels like. Everybody’s drowned in a sea of insecurity at one time in their lives. So I truly hope people will laugh and cry with us, and maybe feel less alone and understood in the confusing world of relationships. 

What do you hope will become of this film as more of the world sees it?

Well, one has big hopes for it. Just like with a child. I would love to see it conquer the world. But since that is unlikely, I just want it to find windows for people to see it. It had a very successful theatrical run in Costa Rica, and I would love for us to carve out a space here in the US for it. 

This film provides a very accurate glimpse into the realm of everyday relationships. Was it important to try and make this film realistic? 

I think it was important to make it true to my own experience. As selfish as that sounds, I think it’s the only way for certain universal truths to then resonate with others. I don’t really strive to hit “realistic” scenes in the eyes of every person in the world – that would be a futile exercise. But the more honest I can keep it within my own realm of experience, the more likely it is to feel real. Or that’s the hope, at least.

What was the highlight experience making this film? 

There were many. But for me, from a filmmaker’s perspective, one of the most magical moments was finding the right cast. I adore writing, and watching an actor – in this case two very talented actresses – take that writing and lift it off the page and turn it into something even better was a real treat for me. I think I’m hooked! I’m an actor myself and have a lot of respect for the craft, so I would love to continue learning from that kind of collaboration. 

What do you have to say to couples like Diego and Sofia who may be watching? 

The movie is what I have to say! I think I’m a lot more eloquent when making films or doing stand up than speaking straight up. So to any couple, or anyone who’s ever been in a relationship, or dreams of being in one, or is dying to get out of one… come see the film! I’m sure it’ll speak to you loud and clear. 


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