A Note to All Americans

Credit: David Fitzsimmons, The Arizona Star, Tucson, AZ

As the insurgents that terrorized our Republic’s Capitol scatter into the darkest corners of the internet, continuing to plot and threaten further violence against the American people and our Constitution, we must recognize that Trumpism is now more than a mere ideology. As with other extremists, the ideology has moved into a space of committed actions, mainly and violently directed against our Democracy itself. Against the rule of law, the democratic process, and facts at a basic level.

What America is experiencing is called an “insurgency,” the quality or state of being “insurgenta,” a condition of revolt against a government that is less than an organized revolution and that is not recognized as belligerency. The usual tactics employed by insurgents against their own populace include acts of violence including bombings, shootings, kidnappings, and other acts of terror, in attempting to overthrow their own government.

My sense is that the historical groups supporting uniquely American hate and division, and especially white supremacy groups our own Justice Department has been tracking for at least the last five decades will not be quickly disbursed on Jan. 20, 2021. These divisive groups have been growing in numbers and are riotous with an air of righteousness. They believe themselves to be patriots, in the right, and this type of conviction does not simply disappear with a new president.

These groups are, before our very eyes and under the tutelage of our own president, coalescing into America’s version of Al Qaeda or Isis in the Middle East. The only difference is that our insurrectionists, our domestic terrorists’ motivations are based in lies of unproven and seditious assertions of election fraud, loss of liberties, and stoked fears of the “other”, instead of wholly based in differences of religious ideology guiding governance.

I no longer see a space to countenance alternative facts or other lies. Only 10 Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald John Trump, for the second time in his first term as POTUS, for the crime of inciting an insurrection against the United States, showing us that vestiges of the insurgency have already made their way into the hallowed and historic halls and seats of Congress.

Over the last couple of months President Trump has seditiously corrupted the minds of his followers including some in Congress. Of 211 members of the Republican Caucus in the House, 121 voted to overturn the lawfully certified electoral votes of Arizona, and 138 of the same voted to overturn Pennsylvania’s electoral slate, after the attack on their own state house. The good news, there are also voices of reason. True patriots stand up in the face of opposition for what is right. For the Constitution. Those ten members of the Republican caucus that stood up for the American experiment are true patriots and they are due our thanks regardless of other actions previously taken:
REP. John Katko R-NY
REP. Liz Cheney R-WY
REP. Adam Kinzinger R-IL
REP Fred Upton R-MI
REP. Jaime Herrera Buetler R-WA
REP Dan Newhouse R-WA
REP Peter Meijer R-MI
REP Anthony Gonzalez R-OH
REP David Valadao R-CA
REP Tom Rice R-SC


The January 6th attack on our Capitol has been long in the making and supported through false assertions by members of our own government. Any member of Congress that has perpetuated the “lie” of a stolen election, especially after the Judicial system reviewed the fraud assertions to no affirmative avail, should be investigated for sedition and removed from office, never again being allowed to hold public office if found guilty. Those who perpetrate insurrection are not Patriots. They no longer believe in the Constitution of the United States. They are called seditious insurgents and insurrectionists and as they come together forming a larger group, declaring their opposition to the principles of American Democracy they are becoming traitors. We now face a violent political movement in this country. A movement that has found a home in the Republican Party. This my friends, is a sad fact. There are no alternatives to this reality.

History suggests we are entering a period of “political violence” here-to-fore unknown to the American public since our founding. I hope history is wrong on this score. Every American is now faced with a choice. Are you with the insurgents or are you with the Constitution? Are you on the side of Truth, or are you a cult follower immersed in magical thinking? Do you believe in the American experiment? Committed action is what has moved these violent extremists into insurgency and committed action will be what is required to combat the forces who would turn America into Iraq post the reign of Saddam Hussein. China, Russia, and Iran are all watching the American beast devour itself. Ask yourself what they are thinking, plotting, and planning in the face of our own discord, and decide if you will allow the blade of tyranny to fall against the neck of liberty and freedom in America.


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