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It is past time professionals and scientists join the larger public in taking an objective, investigative approach to UFOs. The evidence for the existence of some kind of “craft” is now indisputable. The burden of proof has shifted back to the parties on whom it should have always remained: the government, intelligence, corporate, and scientific communities who are in the know. For the skeptical reader, the following is a brief summary of the available public information.

The Department of Defense has confirmed the existence of UFOs using multiple kinds of advanced sensors, including radio and forward-looking infrared. The craft are making maneuvers that defy our established understanding of physics, by moving at extraordinary speeds, with instant acceleration, and no identifiable means of thrust propulsion.

Commander David Fravor had a dog fight with the “tic-tac” UFO during the U.S.S. Nimitz encounter in November 2004, which engagement was witnessed eyes-on by Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich. The engagement was tracked live by sensor arrays on multiple Navy ships.

There are numerous, active U.S. Navy, Chinese, Russian, German, and Korean patents describing gravity propulsion craft for travel in space and water. (E.g. US20180229864A1; US10144532B2; US2801058A; US5653404A; CN106005412B; RU2090454C; DE10234902A1.)

The government’s preliminary report this past week on the UFO issue made no new revelations, but did confirm encounters with UFOs occur more frequently at some locations, and that, of the 144 UFOs the report examined, only one had a prosaic explanation; the remaining 143 UFOs are either U.S. or corporate craft, foreign craft, natural phenomena, mistaken observation and sensor anomaly, or “other.”

The government is using “other” as doublespeak for extra-terrestrial or extra-dimensional beings, because they think you will panic if they use the word “alien.” Do not be deceived: ET is the government’s leading hypothesis, according to numerous senior officials.

On June 29, NASA Administrator, former Senator of Florida, and astronaut Bill Nelson commented when pressed on the possibility of ET, “Personally, I don’t think we are alone.”

Lue Elizondo, veteran of Operation Anaconda and former director of the government’s Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program, reports some senior DoD officials believe the UFOs are “demonic.” 

On June 30, Ben Rhodes, former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama, said in reference to the possible explanations for UFOs, “that leaves aliens, which we presume it probably is.” [Source at 47:50:

The same day, Gold Walkley-winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart relayed an admission from former Director of Science and Technology Development for the Navy Nat Kobitz, who at the time was dying from cancer, that Kobitz was read into a program to retrieve crashed UFOs and back-engineer them. [Source at 42:00:

Physicist Dr. Eric Davis has briefed elements of Congress on how craft can manipulate gravity and spacetime in theory. His public lecture on the same, titled “FTL Drives – Low Energy Warp Bubbles – Metamaterials,” has less than 10,000 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

Dr. Davis met with Vice-Admiral Thomas R. Wilson, who was then tasked with oversight of special programs at the Pentagon, on October 16, 2002. The notes are objectively authentic, and Dr. Davis has not denied their veracity. Vice-Admiral Wilson relayed to Dr. Davis that the Vice-Admiral attempted to meet with the corporate “gatekeepers” of “the program” to reverse engineer alien technology in May and June 1997. Those persons included the corporate’s program director, the security director, and corporate counsel (either general or special). The gatekeepers denied Vice-Admiral Wilson access as he was not on the “bigots list” of people who were need-to-know. The Vice-Admiral hints the program was then run by Lockheed Martin; perhaps they call it SkunkWorks because something smells rotten.

The patents are real; the decades long psychological operation to frame the UFO “craze” as looney-toons (while the government and aerospace corporations worked furiously in the dark to create an “Alien Reproduction Vehicle”) is real; and the craft are real. But we cannot forget the stakes at play here: This craft, in working practice, could constitute a singleton — a weapon leading to the establishment of a single authority on Earth. But under whose authority?

It seems the U.S. government made the decision to develop such craft in the private sector (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, BAE, Raytheon, etc.) to avoid public scrutiny, surveillance by foreign adversaries, and to maintain elected officials’ plausible deniability. It is not clear why the government thinks security is better compartmentalized in the private sector, which itself presents an existential risk to the Constitutional government of the United States. Further, Lockheed Martin was hacked by the Chinese Communist Party in recent years.

No one will win from this arms race, just as no one won the last, despite trillions in taxpayer debt to be paid by generations yet born. Consider Lieutenant Robert Jacobs’s testimony (corroborated by his commanding officer) that a UFO disabled an ICBM nuclear warhead on launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Other reports from the USSR state UFOs enabled nuclear launch systems. It’s not just the nuclear football that is theater; our nation’s entire nuclear weapons system may be compromised by a force we cannot understand, let alone match. Our security officials will never answer honestly when the truth is they cannot defend us; but the more obvious truth is, we would already be dead by now if the UFOs were hostile.

It’s time to drop the charade and implement a real strategy: informing the public; bringing these projects back under government control; and building an international cooperative approach to understanding a new technology that could accelerate humanity, literally, by light years. We will only explore the stars as a species if we settle our differences here on Earth first.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction; sometimes reality imitates art. We would do well to remember the immortal words of (fictional) Captain Jean-Luc Picard: “‘A matter of national security’ — the age-old cry of the oppressor.”


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