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Posted on May 11 at 4:01 p.m.

REDS REDS sounds like my kind of funky venue! Was recently kicked out of a another SB area place by the Shepherdess for preferring RED. She does not like RED and bans it. So sad. Too bad. She only allows black and blue and is mean to rabbits. Are all the "peeps" in SB area so close minded and unfriendly? ! We have an Indy where I live too-and that is how I found this-so back to my home digs I go- and there I plan to stay far far away from SB!! But soon I will be off to LA where I am always welcome with family and friends . My heart truly is in to stay at the Palace Hotel and hang out with family in the Marina and North Beach- esp a certain restaurant by night where the bartender keeps the place open just for us and all I have to do is turn around to see the Maestro's pic on the wall. There I will be with my rabbit friendly dog ..SF is so dog friendly!!!! Dogpatch is great too and there is still some fun to be had in the Haight. October brings 40th Woodstock Anniversary Concert at Speedway Meadows where everything is going to be all right-- backstage is where its at and I'll be there with my pretty Anna and her camera but the really beautiful people will be everywhere. We were planning on being in SB in July but now that we are no longer welcome we wiil not get a chance to check out REDS. So sad too bad (: All I can say is GO REDS!!!!

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