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Posted on November 21 at 10:18 p.m.

Regarding "Pelufo, end of discussion": Just because I don't vote for gay marriage does NOT mean that I am anti-gay. I am for civil unions, domestic partnerships, etc. etc. etc. In fact, my own insurance premiums went up substantially a number of years ago because the large corporation decided to cover all same-sex partners. I am now paying several hundred dollars more a month to finance this. But that is really beside the point. The "No on Prop. 8" proponents' misconception that all who voted "yes" are homophobic bigots and haters is simply not true, and most of us are getting quite weary of being characterized this way. It's really very offensive, when you know that you aren't. Again, for what it's worth, every single person I know who voted yes on Prop. 8 absolutely is NOT anti-gay. Why is that so hard to understand? AGAIN, just because you are not FOR gay marriage, does not make you ANTI-gay!

And, to be honest, seeing so many people who contributed money to "yes on 8" being villified, threatened, and harrassed is absolutely unbelievable to me in this day and age. Would that EVER happen if Prop 8 were defeated? Would the "yes" people ever act that way? Never. I would bet money on it. Absolutely unbelievable. It's doing nothing but further alienating those you wish to win over. Why not do something more productive? You're just making yourselves look like idiots and the real haters. Sorry to say, but it's true. I'm even hearing many of the "No on 8" people expressing their embarrassment of those who act this way, who purport to represent "everyone".

On Why Prop. 8 Won

Posted on November 17 at 8:06 a.m.

Joe Allegretti, you speak of a right being "taken away". What is constantly NOT mentioned is that Prop. 22 passed in 2000, and was overturned less than a year ago by the vote of ONE Supreme Court Judge in California. What you and others may fail to see is that many in California think this IS up to the voters. I could also say that the Supreme Court Judge took away MY and OTHER'S votes from 2000.

By the way, all who are not for gay marriage are not ANTI-gay. It's such a misconception, and feels ridiculous when this view is constantly being spouted by those who are "not on Prop. 8".

On No on Prop 8 Vigil

Posted on November 17 at 7:57 a.m.

Oh, super classy, Terry Leftgot. Let's go on a witchhunt of all who made donations to "Yes on Prop. 8". How ridiculous is that? I love these approaches of those who are againsts Prop. 8, when even the heads of the "No on Prop. 8" campaign are strongly urging their followers to act with more respect, if they are ever to win over those who voted for Prop. 8

And, regarding pelufo's comment about contributor's to Prop. 8., I personally know Scott Haskins of FACL, and he is not a bigot, hater, OR homophobe. He supports traditional marriage, but is in no way anti-gay. So strange to me how "No on Prop. 8" supporters always want to paint those who are not PRO-gay marriage as ANTI-gay. It's simply not true, and it smacks a bit of the intolerance and bigotry that they so decry.

Oh, and one more thing. It's not just Christians who have supported Prop. 8, it's also atheists. A lot of people have an opinion about marriage, not just religious people. Surprised?

Tammy Bruce, the former head of N.O.W. and lesbian activist purports in her book, "The New Thought Police" that our society is now such that all viewpoints and diversities are embraced EXCEPT (heaven forbid!) if you are conservative in your viewpoints. It's true. If you are conservative, you are constantly told that you are wrong and have no right to feel the way you do. Very interesting. . .

On Why Prop. 8 Won

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