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Posted on June 15 at 8:39 p.m.

I'm really glad people are still taking an interest in this case. However, as the sister of one of the victims, who attended court for all 8 days, I would just like to clear something up. Margaret Hagen specializes in scientific research OF psychological assessments and their validity. She is not a practicing psychologist. Essentially she reads all of the studies regarding violence and risk, and the subsequent follow-up in the recidivism rates - in other words, how accurate are all of these studies that are supposed to predict if someone will reoffend violently. What did the tests SAY and what did the person DO. Can the results of these assessments be trusted to be accurate.

And the research overwhelmingly shows that NO, the studies are not accurate and therefore unreliable. That was Margaret's area of expertise. She was not there to test/analyze/evaluate David Attias in any way.

Again, thank you all for keeping this case and the discussions alive. It really means a lot to our families that people haven't forgotten!

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