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Posted on May 27 at 2:43 p.m.

So is DesertExplorer JJ's new alias after being threatened with banishment? I hope the Independent's system can determine the source of posts dispite the change of "names".

On Refugio Oil Spill a Crime Scene?

Posted on May 27 at 7:36 a.m.

OMG we have had enough of JJ! After doing the self editing for months now of just scrolling through anything by JJ, it is now getting to the point of being unpleasant and maybe that is the goal, ruining the Independent Comments forum for everyone else, for whatever perverse reason. Go away get a life. Here 11 of 32 Comments by JJ and I have suspected for some time now that he also uses other "aliases" to further listen to himself rant BS.

On Community Demands Transparency in Refugio Spill

Posted on April 2 at 9:34 a.m.

We had a very small hand full of people with an experienced lawyer, intimidate our new City Attorney who in turn intimidated the City Council into capitulation. Most of us who have voted all our lives and followed City government believe it is a change for the worse. You now get to the vote for 1 CouncilMember every four years instead of voting for all 7. We can now expect people like Cruzito Cruz and Jacqueline Inda to get elected who are completely unqualified for the job. In the Eastside District it will be about who is the most popular Mexican on that side of town. The fact that they will have no clue on how to read, understand and have informed input on multi-million dollars budgets, or in the middle of the worst drought of our lives, have no clue and absolutely no experience with managing a public water supply, will probably not even be discussed. Good luck with that. Thank you Leo now go back to where you live.

On It's Finally Over

Posted on March 16 at 9:22 a.m.

Unfortunately Goleta did not learn from the very hard lesson of the past when Goleta had to endure a 25 year water connection Moratorium because they ran out of surplus water. Now that the UCSB LRDP has been approved and all the development going on with the improved economy, at the same time that we are experiencing the worst drought of our lifetimes, shock will set in, in the next couple of years when Goleta realizes that they so quickly are out of surplus water again. Very disappointing. Cachuma may actually go essentially dry this calendar year. After the drought and the Goleta Water District has to assess what its actual water supply is, after this experience with Cachuma, after this experience with the State Water Project, after this experience trying to maximize its groundwater production for the first time in over 20 years, they will realize there is nothing left. They will either tap their supply out again, or realize they have no more for any additional new development after UCSB uses everything that is left.

On Housing and Growth in Goleta

Posted on March 10 at 8:09 a.m.

Although I agree with the perspective complaining about UCSB and the newly approved LRDP, it is disappointing that the writer who I assume must know better, is apparently assuming his audience is uninformed on the subject. The Regents just went through a multi-year Project approval process with a huge EIR. The Coastal Commission just had their hearing to approve the Project. What the writer is complaining about is that the process did not work the way he wanted. I agree with that but don't claim there was no process. What it demonstrates is the overwhelming effectiveness of the Regents' lobbying efforts. The County, the City of Goleta and the Goleta Water District were all bought off, and strongly supported the LRDP approval before the Coastal Commission. That is where we need to complain, although it is now too late. There was literally years of opportunity to participate in the process, but the Regents proved once again to be expert at achieving their goals in those forums.

On UCSB: The Elephant in the Room

Posted on February 25 at 2:06 a.m.

Sad sad day for Santa Barbara. This Council and our new City Attorney are afraid of litigation. They are afraid of Capello. They will get what they deserve. City government is going to be a mess for decades. We will have new Council Members with no experience with local government. The days that the Democratic Party dictates who gets elected is over. The days of the Planning Commission being the stepping board to Council, is over. I hope Cruzito gets elected and fires everybody. To a greater extent than is now the case, City staff will run the City because the new Council will have no clue how to deal with staff or what to do if they don't agree with the staff recommendation. Those of us who have lived here all our lives have no idea who will be on Council 4 years from now. What a mess.

On City Election Sea Change

Posted on February 23 at 1:53 p.m.

JJ Once again you prove yourself to be the stupid idiot we all know you are. Most of us here know who you are and you are a lonely sad person. Salud is the most popular local politician we have. Want to run against him? You would be lucky to receive 10% of the vote. Keep posting, we all know you are a loser and a lonely gay man. Just so you know I have no problem with the gay issue, I thought the Academy Award winner last night who acknowledged his gayness, was the best speech of the night! Take care.

On The S.B. Questionnaire: Salud Carbajal

Posted on February 5 at 4:25 p.m.

I am totally against District elections but it is inevitable unfortunately. What these idiots didn't understand is that if they learned how to organize, eventually they could take over. Just look at the demographics in SB schools today. Instead they will have 2 Districts and maybe 2 Council Members. No guarantee a non-Latino could not get elected from the Westside or even the Eastside. The Districts are going to look just like the service areas for the SB School Dist. elementary schools. An Eastside District, a Westside District, a Foothill Dist., a Mesa Dist., a Central Dist., and a San Roque Dist. A Latino will never get elected in any of the 4 "non-Latino" Districts. It will be a long time before a Latino gets elected Mayor. Guess what? 5-2 votes on racially based issues. The same Democratic white people will continue to run the Council. These "Latino activists" were not smart enough to get elected "at- large" and they were not smart enough to figure that one out either.

On Praying to a Porcelain Dog

Posted on January 18 at 10:56 a.m.

The MCA. Too many white people for today's SB political scene. I know they mean well but Sharon and Jarrett are white people who grew up somewhere else. Get real. Not going to happen.

On Eastside Business District Gets Rocky Reception

Posted on January 6 at 5:48 p.m.

Pretty funny overall. PODER to boycott! I bet not one single PODER member has an at home subscription to the NP. Wendy McCaw does not care what you think. She is getting old, she has more money than she could ever spend, and the NP is a hobby to cater to her ultra right wing Libertarian philosophy. Her audience is a small number of old right wing weirdos (and schizophrenic crazies like JJ and loon here) . She does not care what others think about her or her paper. This controversy simply caters to her audience. They love it. Did you read her New Year statement, go out and make a citizens' arrest of a skateboarder, citizen arrest a graffitti vandal. SB is such a terrible place today. She is a sad old billionaire but she cares not a wit what these "protesters" think about her or her paper, and they will only spur her to more of the same.

On Protest Planned over <em>News-Press</em> Headline

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