The Mercury Finger

What Your Pinky Says About You

Palm diagram

To continue our discourse on fingers, let’s move on to Mercury, otherwise known as the little finger. If your Mercury leans like a slender willow towards the Apollo – or ring – finger, you have good instincts about people. You are probably a shrewd observer, and learn by watching. You have lot of tact. What your friends and associates refer to as “your kid gloves” go a long way.

All of the above abilities might come in very handily in a variety of circumstances. You could be an alert person, always aware of your impact on others. You might be conscious of staying on top of trends and the minute details of carrying out small tasks.

In other words, you can be very aware, when armed with such abilities, of what kind of attention your business might need to ensure prosperity.

But if your Mercury leans away from your ring finger, you are probably a gently eccentric person. Y our passion most likely lies outside of societal norms. You might be a weekend nudist, a snake collector, a solitary backpacker, a self-publishing poet frequenting open mic nights. You might speak your mind, enjoy the company of fellow truth tellers, and blow other people off. You might place more value on expressing your feelings and calling the chips as they lay than caring about the impact of your expressions on those around you.

Is that “good for business” like an inward-leaning Mercury? Probably not.

A straight Mercury means you are a very poor liar. You are tactless, and struggle to maintain a social lie. For example, you would not be able to tell your best friend, “I’m sure he’ll call” instead of being totally honest and telling her, “I spoke to him yesterday and he hates your guts!”

If you are in possession of a straight Mercury with a pointed tip, you are also an idealist. Which means, you would also add to the above a statement, even if saying those words meant delivering the final blow to her breaking heart. For example: “But don’t you think that’s for the best, really, since he’s such a womanizer and comes on to everyone he meets?”

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