Cominichi’s Is Not Closing

Rebuilding Plans Will Not Be Implemented Until Late 2010

Contrary to recent reports, Transition House will not begin construction at 421 East Cota Street until at least late next year. The site is currently home to Cominichi’s, the popular vintage store. Said Transition House executive director – and longtime Cominichi’s customer – Kathleen Baushke, “Cominichi’s will be there for at least a year.”

The City of Santa Barbara recently approved funding for the construction of affordable housing at the former Mom’s Restaurant building and across the street at the Haagen Printing building. While the latter construction will begin this November, the Mom’s building will remain unchanged, for now.

“Cominichi’s is struggling as it is,” said owner Gina Comin, who aimed to set the record straight following ambiguous articles and radio shows concerning the site.

Despite an inevitable relocation, the flea market will likely be around for a while. “We have been keeping our eyes open for a new location anyway,” Comin said.