The United States of America is the greatest, most successful experiment in democracy in the history of civilization, and for all our many faults and shortcomings, we have been the shining example of the possible, a blended nation of immigrants’ dreams and hopes.

We grew the largest economic success story ever, were the major forces behind the winning of two world wars and preventing what could have been the last—the Cold War becoming a nuclear World War III—by overcoming Communism with the power of free enterprise and capitalism, small business, invention, innovation, scientific discovery, and of necessity, military strength.

We are the global champion of freedom. We now lead the fight to end ignorant terrorism globally.

We are the most powerful force for good that mankind has!

In the Camelot play, King Arthur proclaims, “Might For Right.” We are the living example of that ideal.

Our founding fathers proclaimed for us –and all humanity—that “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” and gave us an unprecedented Bill of Rights and a remarkable governing Constitution that is envy of a civilized, progressive world.

All the political parties should step back, take a deep breath, look to the higher calling, and please moderate this terrible bickering, name calling, and ridiculous behavior and infighting permeating our national mentality. We need a more positive, productive, and harmonic approach. Solve problems, don’t shout at them.

If we really unify now to rebuild, together, the American economy, strive to make us stronger, face and repair the worst environmental disaster in our history, and take the opportunity to make U.S.A. the leader in renewable, clean energy—clean technologies, pollution remediation and prevention, clean water for us, and all of humanity, to transition to, and grow a sustainable green economy—we will be much better off, nation-wise and world-wise, and once again lead into a brighter future. wise, and world wise, and once again lead into a brighter future.

Rise, America, to your true and abundant abilities, strengths, and common purpose. Improve our generation, and future generations. Focus, lead, and partner with other nations to eliminate poverty around the world, insure everyone of educational opportunities, wipe out diseases that cripple mankind, defeat the horrors of hunger and starvation, show the way of economic opportunity. Surely these efforts will make us more secure, reduce pressures of war, terror, and suspicious envy born of ignorance.

The United States of America is not a follower, but a leader. Not silent against injustice and suffering, but the most vocal. Not timid, but bold.

It seems to be our collective destiny as a nation of liberty, a leader on a troubled planet, to make a difference for good. To invent a better future.

On this celebration of the American Revolution—the pains and sacrifices of birthing a new independent nation of freedom and opportunity for all—we should create a new “revolution”: the vigorous solving of our problems and challenges, of doing the possible, and difficult, and then celebrating the glowing satisfaction of the accomplished.—Alan Arthur Tratner (founder of Green2Gold and director of the Small Business Entrepreneurship Center)


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