Sjerven Sells Seagrass

The Acclaimed Perez Family from Nevada City Take Over

Courtesy Photo

We Indy folks—and no doubt all fine-dining lovers in town—have to shed a tear as Mitchell Sjerven has sold Seagrass (30 E. Ortega Street, 963-1012, You see, we held our First Annual Foodies Decision Dinner at the restaurant’s Roosterfish room in August, and as we chose our fave Santa Barbara spots, it was hard not to get distracted by the fine meal Chef John Pettit put together for us, even managing to match his spectacular seafood creations with a red-heavy wine list. Now, Pettit is looking for a new place to hang his talented toque, and Sjerven is focusing on his other two properties, bouchon and Wine Cask (good for those two restaurants and us, no doubt). Meanwhile, the new owners of Seagrass are Chef Robert Perez and his family: Son Ruben will be owner; son Richard, director of wines; and his wife, Marianna, and Ruben’s life partner, Erin Gailsdaughter, will run the front of the house. The Perezes come most recently from Nevada City’s well-regarded Citronee Bistro, having long hoped to find the right Santa Barbara spot. Knowing Sjerven, he wouldn’t sell Seagrass to anyone unworthy of it, so here’s to more folks bringing us more fantastic food.