Dear Stormy: My Future

Staying on the Right Path

Dear Stormy,

Can you please give me insight into my future? I’m trying my best to stay on the right path. Also, does my dog Killah understand life like I think he does?

–Yasmine W.

Dear Yasmine,

I am happy that you wrote me. I am proud of you that you are trying your best to stay on the right path. Many people do not even know there is a path. Yasmine, do you know the feeling of being able to fall asleep easily at night? That is a good judge on how you have spent your day. If you can sleep well at night you have made good decisions throughout the day. If you cannot fall asleep easily than I suggest you think about for whom you are living.

Laura Stinchfield

All that matters is how you feel about yourself and what you want for your future. Sometimes people get worried about what other people want for them but this is useless worry because those other people do not have to live in their body.

I have learned that if you are true to what makes you happy than the kind of people you want in your life will be happy for you as you succeed.

For most people success happens slowly. You will have a series of feel good moments and in there you have some discouraging moments too. If you continue on your path, then all of sudden you will have a big success. This is an amazing feeling because you can then look back in awe of all that you have been through and learned.

Everyone feels insecure sometimes. Believe you have a path and you will always move forward.

If you feel Killah understands life than he does! I want you to know that Killah wants you to talk to him and to share how you are feeling so that he knows how he can help you. He has good advice. A lot of people do not know this but their animals often act as their intuition. People think all of a sudden they came up with a good idea but it was really their pet saying something over and over again that they finally picked up. Never doubt the intelligence of animals. Some animals get confused but I don’t think Killah does. I see you as being very clear when you communicate with him. Yasmine, I am proud of you. I see you as a good person. I hope I said something that helps you. Please let me know.

Love, Stormy

Stormy aka Storm King is a 14.5-year-old Australian Shepherd. His person is Laura Stinchfield the pet psychic of

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