Terrifying Housing Ads

I am currently living with my daughter in Goleta. In March, I would like to find a small house or a two-bed, two-bath apartment for myself and my daughter-in-law and granddaughter who is 6. Looking at ads is terrifying!

I’m 77 and retired. The cost of rents in Santa Barbara and Goleta has skyrocketed!

Why are there no limits on what these wealthy developers can charge?

How do they expect local people to afford to pay over $3,000 per month for an apartment? If they attract rich folks from Los Angeles, then where will nurses, teachers, and customer-service workers live? People who are not suddenly earning $800 to $1,000 more per month?

The developers don’t care since they don’t live in our neighborhoods.

It seems like no one in our government is paying attention to what is happening. Is there nothing that can be done to keep rents at a reasonable level?

I have rented places here since 1990. I know what the market is like. But since 2015 the rate for rentals is absolutely too high.

Our neighborhoods and communities will not survive!

And all of this on top of COVID stress!