Building Special Effects with Our Graphic Designer

Credit: Courtesy

Name: Jinhee Hwang

Title: Graphic Designer

Tell us about yourself. Where’d you grow up? How long have you been in S.B.?  My family and I were always on the move. However, I did spend a majority of my life in California and South Korea, so I feel split between which one I call home. Before coming to Santa Barbara three years ago, I worked as an English instructor in South Korea. And once I came here, I built my graphic design experience working for various organizations and companies. Now, I’m so grateful to be a part of the Independent family!

How’d you get into graphic design?  When I was in school, one of my responsibilities as an intern for the Language Exchange program was to create digital and printed marketing materials. As I had grown up learning studio art, it was exciting for me to return to a visually creative space. I enjoyed learning about how particular colors, shapes, and placement could evoke specific responses from viewers, and so I decided to pursue graphic design professionally. In the design process, I personally love the special effects I can build with the software, such as transparency overlaps, original patterns, and dimensional elements.

What do you do for fun?  I’m no professional, but I like to play guitar and sing. I also draw on the side whenever I’m feeling creative! And finally, I love to spend hours on the beach in my oversized hoodie and wait for the sunset.

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