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Posted on September 25 at 8:05 a.m.

Bill Clausen, I have gone through and read everyone of your 400 plus posts on the independent. You are not fooling anybody. You and your self proclaimed blog buddies, Italiansburg, Hank, and others, have perspectives that are hateful and haven't been in support of at-risk youth or of the immigrant community most affected by SB's pattern of discrimination, police brutality and white privilege. Exactly how many gang members do you personally know? How many immigrant families have shared a meal with, that you don't work for you? How many young people addicted to meth do you mentor? Walk the walk first and enough with the arm chair commentating, get out there and do something - don't just make a donation and think that will fix the problem. When you have that under your belt, I will be a little more receptive to your opinion on this subject.

On Juvenile Crime Dropping

Posted on September 25 at 12:06 a.m.

Ken and Bill, with all due respect, neither of you know what your talking about. Have you asked a young person in a gang who these people are and why and how certain people have influence over them? Even if you did you probably won't get the truth because there is a street code that has been engrained from day one. Ask a parent whose kid needs support and I'm sure you might get a different perspective. Bill Clausen you said and I quote:

"cops with assault rifles…a gang injunction…we didn't need it before but we need it now."

"…a friend connected to the sheriff's department told me"

"…going back to the cop who seemed like a nice guy"

Are you a cop Bill?

So let me get this straight, your in favor of a unconstitutional gang injunction but support someone who could have been dealing meth and had weapons charges as an ADULT to work with kids. I think that your really out of touch with this subject or maybe you work for the SBPD or DA's office.

We should always support redemption for everyone, especially youth, but we should also provide our youth with a broad base of mentors and preferably including those who haven't pledged allegiances to the types of lifestyles that are destroying our communities and our children. Young people are very impressionable and your kidding yourself if you don't think they idolize some of the same behavior you think is a pre-requisite for connecting with them.

Don't under estimate young people, they will listen to anyone who treats them with respect, looks them in the eye and doesn't show fear or judgements. The problem isn't our youth, it's the culture of Santa Barbara that isolates, deports, discriminates and provides low wage jobs, poor education and high housing costs for the Latino community. Not to mention the violation or their rights by police day after day. Instead of changing it's intolerant behavior SB wants to take the easy way out and trust our kids with those we just know enough about, wash our hands of the responsibility.

Gang injunctions are wrong period, they don't work. I won't comment on this thread any further. However, I won't apologize for being so intolerant of meth or grown adults who may have infected our communities with it in the first place. BTW a person can't be sued for telling the truth, and that is the least of my worries when talking about these issues.

On Juvenile Crime Dropping

Posted on September 23 at 7:04 a.m.

Ystrive everyone knows you take credit for work you never did. You have built a program off other peoples work. I have also heard you tell people to go back to mexico if they dont like it here. Grapevine also says several woman have left your org because you talk down to them. And wasn't it you who kicked a young man from the eastside out of a retreat for basically doing nothing?

Santa Barbara, anyone in their right mind would not be in favor of a gang injunction, anywhere. We need to stop all injunctions. Regarding ystrive's comments, sometimes you have to speak the truth and feathers get ruffled. SB needs to protect our community from people who are dangerous and manipulating our community for their own financial and personal gains. Check the court records, paperwork speaks for itself. Do you even know the community you pretend to help? How is your spanish these days? Do you know how to talk to a monolingual immigrant parent in their own language? I doubt it, you are making a living off people you dont even know how to communicate with. You do have one language down an that's the language of hyperbole. All snakes to the river, we have a garden to plant.

On Juvenile Crime Dropping

Posted on September 20 at 5:33 p.m.

There are alot of good people and orgs who have worked to help the kids in our community these last four years (it takes a village) and it's disappointing and an afront that the only group mentioned, is headed by a guy with a very shady past (selling drugs -meth, weapons charges, etc.) Independent journalists need to do their homework on people before putting them on pedestals. "Approaches kids differently", very naive - do your homework, learn about street politics and you'll be suprised exactly what that means. Look, I understand the writer is trying to get sources and information for gang stories to sell advertising, but that doesn't mean you get to rewrite the real history of our City.

On Juvenile Crime Dropping

Posted on July 1 at 10:51 a.m.

Santa Barbara government is a huge joke. The court system, the police, city council, probation, sheriff dept, health/human services, commissioners and county supervisors. Does anyone realize how these clowns have destroyed the lives of so many from the latino community? Its twice as bad for latinos. The real slap in the face is that most of the lawyers in SB who represent latinos are lazy and just throw them to the wolves, while getting get paid to do so. These high school lawyers have made a ton off the oppressive conditions from over policing and unfair justice for low income communities. Lance, please...what about our santa barbara children being deported, our disabled mothers being tasered, our children being expelled from school for minor infractions, police beatings, searches, sexual harrasement  for domestic workers, gang injunctions, etc, etc.

The lawyers are opportunists who are capitalizing on the discrimination of low income people. They are members of the University Club in SB where one can find lawyers, da's and judges all hanging out like a club, an elitist club. Lets stop pretending like there are two sides. Its like politics, dems and republicans are they really from different sides or are they just wearing different uniforms both teams owned by the same owner - the rich 1%.

All of us know Beutel is a dirty cop and there are many in the police dept. This is what happens when people in positions of power act with impunity. They cut their teeth and built their arrogance on bullying the latino community, the homeless and immigrants. Now that they feel powerful and unstoppable, they want to test their meddly against middle class whites like Lance. The only ones safe live in montecito. But just wait until somebody's kid in montecito is a target - and when rich daddy gets involved and sues the police and sb gov. Then and only then will this nonsense stop. I guarntee you, the lawyer for that rich kid wont be from SB, he or she will be competent and not affraid to go against the club. Burn Rome burn.

On Judge Finds Lawyer Must Pay for Courtroom Violations

Posted on March 30 at 7:02 a.m.

Babatunde was a fighter for justice and had alot of love for La Raza, in many's eyes he is an adopted Latino. He supported so many of us. The Independent would show you a campaign video but watch this video and youll see the real Babatunde in action. He was against the proposed gang injunction and any other form of racial profiling or discrimination. We love you Baba que Dios te bendiga. We will never forget!

On Babatunde Folayemi Dies

Posted on November 14 at 3:38 p.m.

Gang injunctions promote racial profiling. Racial profiling by its very nature is racist and discriminatory - if you support a gang injunction then you are in turn supporting racist policies and practices. If that doesn't make you a racist then maybe your just uninformed. It would help to turn off Fox news and stop thinking Perry is cool. Dumb is not cool anymore - that was the only thing GBush taught our country.

Italiansburg - Checks and balances? The police Dept can't stop one of it's own employees from stealing nearly a million dollars but we trust them to not profile our children - with all due respect you live in a fantasy world. Come back to reality my friend. How do you think they treat immigrants, or a kid that looks the "gang" part but has straight A's, volunteers and goes to church? Forgot to mention they have officers who forge signatures of American citizens (DUI controversy), and taser and use excessive force on our community. There are good officers but there are also many who abuse their power here in SB, and the latino community both "legal" or otherwise know it all too well. Yes, there are whites in gangs but just a heads up - they are arian white power (nazi) gangs. There are alot in SB, but you wont see them on a gang injunction.

Yendopostal - "I lived in Mexico for 6 months" remind me of the person who proves their not racist by saying: I have a black friend, I'm not racist. We have all heard that one before. How you could in one breath say deport and lock up undocumented children and then defend the indigenous community in Mexico is bizzare. I haven't heard that one before but promise to use it as an example for the rest of my life, as to HOW confused people are around race in America.

Hank - "Once good and clean, safe towns" you know California's history? Lompoc was one of the most racist towns in America, ask the Filipinos, or the farm workers. Way before there were latino or black gangs there was this thing called the clan, the kkk, about 4million of them in 1930 in California alone. Ever hear of that gang? So yes sitting on a white horse wearing a sheet, or on the stoop of the plantation house I could see where America did look alot less dirty but if you look under your fingernails, America has alot of dirt mixed with the blood and flesh of communities of color. Hiroshima, Iraq, Vietnam, Native peoples of the hemisphere, slavery, Jim Crowe. Name a crime against humanity and we've done it. The real thugs are the military and corporations, but that's another topic. And yes our schools are bad - as in poorly managed.

Lastly, many good parents lose their children to drugs, gangs, or depression. Yes parents play a role but raising a child takes a village and ALL of Santa Barbara's children are ours. Thank God, lets keep it that way.

On Reactions to Gang Injuction

Posted on November 14 at 12:24 p.m.

italiansurg - Its quite absurd to bring up the RICO act and the Italian mob, for the purposes of proving your point. The SBPD tried that and we didn't buy it then, and we're not buying it now. There is no comparing the italian mob to SB's youth generation who THIS gang injunction targets.

These are our community's children, not illegal aliens. Your pretty cold hearted and one would think you might have more compassion as someone who suffered and experienced so much discrimination as you yourself said. Have you forgotten what it feels like? Or are you just repeating the vicious cycle of racism and discrimination. Putting up with jokes isn't cool but either is what's being done to our communities of color (who most happen to be law abiding and a keystone to our economy and country as a whole).

Our families are torn apart through deportations, targeted by ICE and our children and pregnant mothers are even killed at the border by vigilantes, who I might add, share the same opinions as you do.

Weird that you would harbor so much disdain for a culture that is the predominant one here in SB and California for that fact. My suggestion: if you don't like Latinos (that includes all of us - undocumented immigrants included) then boycott Fiesta, boycott Cinco de Mayo, boycott lettuce and every other vegetable and fruit immigrants pick, boycott all the restaurants that have migrant labor, boycott Mexican food, boycott salsa, boycott the Museum of art - especially the Siqueiros mural Portrait of America, boycott baseball (those darn illegals taking over our game), boycott the World Cup, boycott the number zero (Mayans invented the concept), boycott family values, boycott the roads that are built, the houses, boycott the gardens, boycott the hotels, boycott, boycott, boycott!!! Show your power the way most responsible people do, responsibly. Don't shower us with your hateful words, get up and do something about it. That's what people who oppose your type of thinking are doing. We are organizing against hatred and discrimination.

We believe all children are children of God (Jesus, Jah, Mohhamed, Buddha, the Virgin, the Great Spirit, all religions included). The difference is we don't have to go far to find an entire community that believes in progressive principals founded in social justice. But I guess if this gang injunction passes, you might not have to go as far as Arizona to find racist reactionaries, as I thought.

There was a famous facist/racist reactionary from Italy who felt the same way about other cultures as you do: his name was Mussolini. Did you know he also wanted a police state? Look where that got Italy - on the side of Hitler, that's where. Is that really the side Santa Barbara wants to be on?

Love over hate and peace over war. When you get that concept you'll understand why gang injunctions don't belong in the 21st century.

On Reactions to Gang Injuction

Posted on November 14 at 10:57 a.m.

italiansurg - it's always disheartening to hear someone go on a rant that promotes racial profiling and discrimination - and that my friend is exactly what a gang in junction would accomplish in Santa Barbara. I'm guessing your Italian, I wanted to share some things about Italian immigrants that might help you see that we are not so different as you think.

There was little Italian emigration to the United States before 1870. From 1890 to 1900, 655,888 arrived in the United States, of whom two-thirds were men. Willing to work long hours on low wages, the Italians now began to rival the Irish for much of the unskilled work available in industrial areas. Most of these immigrants were from rural communities with very little education. After the First World War Italians developed a reputation for becoming criminals.

John Carr wrote in 1906 of Italians: In common with Mexicans and Jews, the Italians are pilloried by insulting nicknames.They are charged with pauperism, crime, and degraded living, and they are judged unheard and almost unseen. These short and sturdy laborers, who swing along the streets with their heavy stride early in the morning and late at night, deserve better of the country. They are doing the work of men, and they are the full equals of any national army of peasant adventurers that ever landed on our shores. He comes because the country has the most urgent need of unskilled labor.'s me again...we need to look at what we have in common not what we have in difference. We are all immigrants in the US, except our Native peoples. No human deserves to be put down or belittled or stereotyped. Not Italians, not Germans, not Africans, Irish or Jews. No one, not even the one who you like to bully, the one that makes you feel better by putting him/her down. Yes, not even the Mexican deserves to be treated like dirt. Santa Barbara please wake up and reverse the hate, we are not a hateful City and the conservatives who moved here won't succeed in turning us into one.

On Reactions to Gang Injuction

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