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Posted on February 25 at 6:48 a.m.

Congrats Jesse. Maybe one day you will join Rugge on the outside.

On Meet Mrs. Jesse James Hollywood

Posted on October 25 at 7:08 p.m.

Zappa. Your the ridiculous one writing the same things over and over. Why do you care so much that somebody has a diff opinion than yourself? You write accusations, calling me a "fanboy" because I read the case material and formed my own opinion? You are pretty pathetic if you go around arguing with everyone who doesn't agree with you. Sad and pathetic. Your making this personal when all this should be is a debate

On Graham Pressley Sounds Off on Jesse Rugge's Release

Posted on October 25 at 6:02 p.m.

I wonder if Susan Markowitz now regrets advocating Pressley's release. And I feel horrible for any defendant if Zappa ever gets picked for a jury. No matter what the facts are, Zappa cant keep an open mind. I won't make statements about what you actually know about this case, but if you read everything you could never say such hateful things. The facts do not support the convictions(except for Hoyt) And I would be a fanboy if that really was the case

On Graham Pressley Sounds Off on Jesse Rugge's Release

Posted on October 25 at 4:47 p.m.

Mr Clausen. It's relevant when your defending your comment against another comment. I didn't make it up, it is on record. But I'll agree with you that no more comments should be make about the victim. As you said he isn't here to defend himself so that's the last word I'll say about him

This case really bothers me because only the evidence in Hoyt's case proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty. By the time JJH got to trial, I don't think there were 12 ppl in California, nonetheless, Santa Barbara who would have enough guys to vote not guilty

On Journey Not Over

Posted on October 25 at 3:44 p.m.

Tiffany123- I probably shouldnt comment anymore, but I need to point out one thing. You are complaining that we have nothing better to do with our lives than to "obsess" over your dead cousin and that it is such a huge part of our lives, but my question is...Can you blame us for our "interest"? First off, we as Americans are the most nosiest country around and second, this is such a high profile case.

Were you upset when there was a major motion picture made? Were you upset when there were books written and tv shows dedicated to this case? Were you even mad at your Aunt when she decided to write a book? Heck, the first words out of her mouth on the courthouse steps when JJH was found guilty was that she has a book coming out. So this country and even your Aunt wants us to care about this case, and now you are mad when ppl actually do? Or is just the ppl who dont share your opinion? Now if I just watched Alpha Dog, I would think that all these defendants belonged on Death Row (which was my initial thought), but I know that there are always two sides to every story, and since the movie interested me enough, I gathered all the material available. So that is why I draw the conclusions I have, not that I'm sicko who just wants your family to suffer, but an educated person who took the time to gather all the facts.

If you read AClarke's comments, you would of read that he/she tragically lost a son to murder where the remains were never found and the killer walked free. So how can you attack his/her motives?

I am not going to say anything mean spirited, but according to police reports and trial testimony, Nick himself admitted that he was "addicted to valium".

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Posted on October 24 at 5:53 p.m.

Tiffany123.. What you wrote was probably the most hypocritical thing I ever read. But anyway, I didn't say one nasty thing abt Nick other than basically that he was a 15 year old boy that had a drug problem. And that is just facts written in countless newspapers. But if you read other posts,I said that he didn't deserve to die for that, nobody does.

I am not related to Jesse in anyway and live on the other side of the country. But I've immersed myself in this case reading books, trial transcripts, parole transcripts, and news articles so I'm confident to say I have a really good picture if what went on. That said I believe Jesse deserves a 2nd chance, the parole board believes this as well or they never would of released him. While my heart and prayers go out to Susan Markowitz, 13 years for his role in the crime is acceptable. A big issue I have with her is how she advocated Pressley's release. Now I've read her book as well as heard her reasons, but I feel if JJH was still at large, she never would of did that. He seemed to be just as if not more guilty as Jesse

I'm not looking to attack you like you just did, as I know you are pain, but sentence guidelines are set for a reason, parole boards serve a purpose, and Jesse deserves a chance just like anyone else would. He shouldn't be held to a higher standard just because Susan Markowitz is high profile or reasons like that. Bad kids that go to prison, act up in prison, misguided and scared kids usually turn out ok and that is what I feel we have here

I hope as time goes on your pain subsides.

On Journey Not Over

Posted on October 22 at 4:48 a.m.

LegendaryYeti- You are right that we are both entitled to our opinions and I am glad we can have a reasonable and adult discussion. Some ppl are just full of hatred and just argue to argue.

I honestly do not believe they took Nick to get back at Ben. As you said he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and reading through the trial testimony, as soon as he was thrown in the van, they were all like WTF are we going to do now. I think the only reason they didnt release Nick right then and there was because they beat him up and were scared of what Ben would do when he found out. So I think JJH held on to him due to fear of Ben, not revenge.

If there wasn't a kidnapping, then yes, there wouldnt of been a murder, but there were A LOT of "what ifs" in this case. Please don't jump down my throat with this comment, but I am sure that even at one point, Nick thought to himself that if he wasn't smoking pot and taking pills, that he wouldnt of even been walking down down the street that day. But that is no excuse or reason to be murdered for doing those things. I believe that he felt his penance for doing those things was to stay there till the end, eventhough he could of escaped, and try to help make things right between Ben and JJH. We only wish he got the heck out of there when he could.

On Nicholas Markowitz Kidnapper Makes Parole

Posted on October 22 at 4:34 a.m.

loonpt- I obviously do not know Jesse personally, but reading through both parole transcripts it really seems like this guy is not only truly remorseful, but he is not likely to go back to prison. It seems that from the first day he was locked up, he knew that one day he would be getting out so he made sure every single decision and action he took didn't affect his release. Even the opposing attorney from the DA's office commented on how remarkable it was that he didnt have one single write up in 13 years. He got his GED, has taken many college courses, and has participated in countless support groups.

And lets face it, he isn't moving back to the projects, he is moving to Calabassas and from what I see on tv it is a very affluent area. I am sure his parents are well-off as well and he also has a wife. He has every single opportunity in place to stay on the straight and narrow. He has been drug and alcohol free for 13 years and the conditions of his parole means he must stay away from both.

Good luck Jesse

On Nicholas Markowitz Kidnapper Makes Parole

Posted on October 22 at 4:21 a.m.

It's all over the web. There is a new article on this site as well. It says as possibly today.

On Journey Not Over

Posted on October 21 at 3:20 p.m.

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. What I meant was that if Jesse was conning them just to get released, the board would of picked up on it and denied him once again.

I didn't want to bring this up earlier, but there is absolutely no evidence to this being a kidnapping for ransom. Pressley and JJH both were acquitted of this charge. I think 13 years is just and like I said hopefully he can live a productive life

When you defend the guilty, it does make it seem you have no sympathy towards the victim, so sorry if it seemed like I didn't always know Nick was the victim. I hope Susan Markowitz can live with the parole board decision and not let it destroy her again

On Nicholas Markowitz Kidnapper Makes Parole

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