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Posted on June 7 at 9:47 p.m.

"seven", don't tell me that you don't know that every single one of the persons interviewed by Seiden had been saved by human intervention-- repeat, human intervention-- from jumping to their deaths, as no suicide prevention barriers existed then or now on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The willful ignorance of you and the Glendon folks about this crucial fact has had a deeply malign influence in this case.

Glasgow's work is trustworthy. Your words are not.

On Suicide Barrier Gets Green Light

Posted on June 7 at 12:52 p.m.

pedronava: "[Professor Glasgow] can speak to matters of political science, but bridge architecture or saving lives-doesn't seem like it....But maybe I'm missing something....." and "My point is, Glasgow was recruited to do this work because....? Can someone answer that question?"

Pedro, you ARE "missing something" here that should be obvious to you and others who have followed this matter carefully. Two "somethings", in fact:

First, the fact that you, as an elected public official, tried to divert $1 million in traffic safety/collision reduction funding to pay for a portion of this $4 million suicide prevention project raises a fundamental issue for any political science scholar, to wit: "on what basis did you and Caltrans and the Sheriff prioritize uses of those funds?" Was science involved (as in demonstrable evidence) or was it muddled emotions (in your case), bureaucratic blindness, or some other reason(s)? The study performed by Professor Glasgow shed important light on this question.

Second, if you had been paying attention you would know that no one recruited Professor Glasgow to do his work. He attended the initial Caltrans meeting in July 2007, heard the claim made then that the proposed cage barriers would "save 32 lives during the 20 years after their installation," and decided to see if the assertion was supported by evidence. What he found-- applying his methods as a political science researcher-- was that this purported justification was false.

Does that clear up these two "somethings" for you, Pedro?

In any event, kindly clear up something for us: Why did you seek to divert those funds and why don't you do your homework before spouting off?

On Suicide Barrier Gets Green Light

Posted on March 8 at 7:20 p.m.

Thank you, Valerie Olson and all More Mesa Preservation Coalition members, for keeping on keeping on with your work to protect this area from inappropriate development.

On More Mesa Study Released

Posted on November 24 at 10:48 a.m.

To give credit-- during this time of the year-- to Pedro Nave as he (hopefullly) departs from further attempts at holding positions in government, I wish to acknowledge that he was pretty good at wheeling and dealing among those of his ilk in Sacramento.

Alas, as we all know, such wheeling and dealing among those driven by overbearing personal/political ambitions does not make for good government.

On Bark Twice, Bite Once

Posted on November 24 at 7:35 a.m.

What people are smart enough to smell, pedronava, is the excessive and self-serving nature of personal/political ambition-- the overblown kind that truly does undermine good government. The kind that Pedro Nava put on display regularly and just most recently in trying to get voters to buy the deception that he was a worthy candidate to be state Attorney General.

As you cut out, Pedro Nava, spare us your cynical political blather.

On Bark Twice, Bite Once

Posted on November 20 at 12:07 p.m.

The statement “I have been your leader on environmental issues” is laughable and shows how grossly grandiose Nava appears to himself.

The truth is that the leadership in environmental issues has resided since the early 1970s with the many individuals and organizations which helped to bring into being the environmental movement at the local, state and national levels and who have done the daily work of providing environmental leadership through the CEC, EDC, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Citizens Planning Association, Pearl Chase Society, GOO, Urban Creeks Council, Santa Barbara ChannelKeepers, Los Padres ForestWatch, Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, Santa Ynez Valley Alliance, Women’s Environmental Watch, SBCAN, and other citizen groups.

Most environmental leaders that I know will be glad to see Nava go, remembering the disgraceful way he conducted his first campaign for the office, his ethically questionable and disappointing actions that we took from his perch in Sacramento, and by his arrogant and self-serving manner.

Two cases stand out with particular clarity: Nava’s betrayal of the coalition of local environmental groups led by EDC to takes steps to end oil company activities in the Channel at the earliest possible time, and Nava’s manuervering to force the community to swallow the deeply-flawed Caltrans proposal to install tall fencing cage barriers on the Cold Spring Bridge.

Nava is due a measure of thanks for some of his environmental work in Sacramento, but our leader on environmental issues he certainly never was or even tried very hard to be.

That is why in bidding farewell and adios to Nava we also moved to say ¡Que alivios!

On Honor to Serve

Posted on October 1 at 12:30 p.m.

David Brower, perhaps the most visionary and effective environmental leader to date, got this restoration effort underway several years ago. Mike Marshall and others at Restore Hetch Hetchy are working wonderfully well to realize its achievement within a practical timeframe.

The idea was first sneered at as an impossible dream (not to be taken seriously by serious people);

it is now labeled by "serious people" as being infeasible (simply cannot be done);

today's children will most likely be happily hiking in Hetch Hetchy in years to come-- not too far distant.

This is a challenge well worth taking on and carrying forward to success.

On Restoring a Drowned Valley

Posted on September 20 at 10:50 p.m.

Thank you for letting us know what is going on today at this wonderful mountain-top place that has been the space for so many enlightening and uplifting experiences through its several iterations over the years!

It is a heavenly place. I look forward to getting up there again.

On Rancho La Scherpa

Posted on September 16 at 10:17 p.m.

I am deeply saddened by the death and injuries that have occurred. As a mountain resident, I drive on Hwy 154 regularly, and I am distressed that obviously hazardous traffic safety conditions have been allowed to exist. In the stretch of road where this latest collision occurred, there is ample room for a concrete divider, and one should have been put in place long ago. Such dividers are needed in other stretches as well.

Speed detection cameras of the kind that have been widely used in Australia should be installed, and speeders on this dangerous highway should be made aware that violations will endanger one's driving privilege.

Big rig double-trailer trucks should be banned, as well as all trucks carrying hazardous substances.

It is a tragic irony that Assemblyman Nava and Caltrans officials worked out of public view to divert $1 million earmarked for "traffic safety/collision reduction" for the ill- conceived plan to place fencing cages on the Cold Spring Bridge. When this attempted diversion of funds was discovered, the California Traffic Commission refused to approve it. It was then that local elected officials diverted $1.5 million from funds earmarked for the widening of Hwy 101 to the bridge caging proposal that Caltrans still threatens to approve.

It should be very clear that the attention and efforts of Caltrans and local elected officials should be devoted at this time to traffic safety and collision reduction solutions on Hwy 154, rather than to the deeply flawed proposal to spend those millions to put fencing cages on the Cold Spring Bridge.

If you agree, let your Supervisor and other elected officials know it. If our local elected officials will lead, Caltrans can be made to pursue proper priorities in its work in our community.

On Woman Arrested for 154 Crash

Posted on September 14 at 8:48 a.m.

Doug and others who run and volunteer in this effort are truly community heroes. Of the many public interest service groups with which I have been associated over the past 40 years, this one-- Backyard Bounty-- stands out for the generosity and heartfulness of its vision and work. It is richly rewarding to lend a hand or two to its efforts, and I encourage folks from throughout the community to benefit from the experience of working in this way for the benefit of others and our community.

On The Beauty of Backyard Bounty

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