Whose God?

I would like to ask Mr. Richard Mourdock a few more questions on his philosophy on pregnancy due to rape, “…that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Mr. Mourdock, is raping and molesting children something that God intended to happen?

Is priests molesting young boys in seminary something that God intended to happen?

Is letting the criminal who violently rapes women walk away from his crime wearing the title of “father of her child”  as something that God intended to happen?

Is the selling of children into bondage and slavery something that God intended to happen?

Perhaps God intended that the women who are brutally and violently raped by the now “father of their child” are well provided for with a fine home in a good neighborhood with good schools for their child; are provided all the financial support they need not only to raise the child but for themselves; that she be provided all the medical and psychiatric care she needs to heal from the hideousness of that rape and any disease the “father” transferred to her; that she be provided all the funds necessary to put her child through a good college so that that child becomes a contribution to the society, earns a good income, pays their taxes and votes responsibly?  Is it God’s intention to undo the criminal gene that could have been passed on to the rape child so that this kind of behavior stops in our society?

If your God intends evil and destructive things to happen then I don’t want your God.  I don’t want your church, your bible, or your preachers.

The God of my understanding teaches kindness, compassion, forgiveness, love, honesty, integrity, goodness, truth and beauty.

If God decided to violate women, conception, and bringing life into the world, his very own creations, don’t you think he’d feel horrified at himself?  Don’t you think he wouldn’t also provide in his shame, all the care for the woman and child, just like a good Father would do?

Perhaps if Jesus were in your audience the night you spoke those most uneducated, insane, and radically ill words, do you think he would have stood up and cheered, or would he have thrown over your podium and demanded you get out of the temple?


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