Jesusita Property Damage Released

Public Agencies compile list of 96 Properties [map]

[from JIC release] The County of Santa Barbara and the City of Santa Barbara have established a process for working with property owners affected by the Jesusita Fire. Preliminary property assessments have been completed. A list of properties believed to have been destroyed or significantly damaged by the fire is listed below. This list will continue to be updated as further property assessments in outlying areas occur.

List of Residences Damaged or Destroyed

This is a preliminary list of the residences damaged or destroyed in the Jesusita fire. The list will be updated as we are able to gain access to the following areas:

Click on “+” or “-” to zoom in and out, and click on the markers to get the property address. Type of map can be selected in the upper right corner. Refreshing page will set the map to default.

• Los Canoas Road between the 1280 and 2300 block,

• Upper Gibraltar Rd at Camino Cielo, and

• North Ontare Rd. from the 1500 block to the northerly end.

E. Calle Laureles

802 E. Calle Laureles (City) (Destroyed)

Edgemound Dr

1173 Edgemound Dr (County) (Damaged)

1199 Edgemound Dr (County) (Destroyed)

El Cielito Rd

459 El Cielito Rd (City) (Destroyed)

Gibraltar Rd

3040 Gibraltar Rd (County) (Destroyed)

Holly Rd

2600 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2730 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2745 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2809 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2815 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2820 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2840 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2850 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2921 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2931 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2934 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2938 Holly Rd (County) (Destroyed)

La Vista Rd

1450 La Vista Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1556 La Vista Rd (County) (Destroyed)

Las Canoas Place

711 Las Canoas Pl (City) (Destroyed)

Las Canoas Rd

1657 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Garage Only)

1661 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Exterior Damage)

1667 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Destroyed)

1669 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Destroyed)

1671 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Exterior Damage)

1692 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Accessory Structure Only)

1976 Las Canoas Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2018 Las Canoas Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2050 Las Canoas Rd (County) (Destroyed)

2101 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Bridge)

2106 Las Canoas Rd (City) (Garage Only)

2115 Las Canoas Rd (County) (Damaged)

2233 Las Canoas Rd (County) (Destroyed)

Mission Canyon Rd

1200 Mission Canyon Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1228 Mission Canyon Rd (County) (Damaged)

1234 Mission Canyon Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1402 Mission Canyon Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1405 Mission Canyon Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1528 Mission Canyon Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1530 Mission Canyon Rd (County) (Destroyed)

Montrose Pl

2618 Montrose Pl (County) (Damaged)

2624 Montrose Pl (County) (Damaged)

2625 Montrose Pl (County) (Destroyed)

2626 Montrose Pl (County) (Destroyed)

2627 Montrose Pl (County) (Damaged)

2630 Montrose Pl (County) (Damaged)

2652 Montrose Pl (County) (Destroyed)

2656 Montrose Pl (County) (Destroyed)

2677 Montrose Pl (County) (Destroyed)

N. Ontare Road

1321 N. Ontare Road (City) (Exterior Damage)

Orange Grove Ave

1450 Orange Grove Ave (County) (Destroyed)

1452 Orange Grove Ave (County) (Damaged)

Palomino Rd

1091 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1105 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1108 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1110 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1115 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1125 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1138 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1139 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1144 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1159 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1166 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1168 Palomino Rd (County) (Destroyed)

Paseo Del Ocaso

1410 Paseo Del Ocaso (County) (Destroyed)

1413 Paseo Del Ocaso (County) (Damaged)

1414 Paseo Del Ocaso (County) (Destroyed)

1414 Paseo Del Ocaso (County) (Destroyed)

1415 Paseo Del Ocaso (County) (Destroyed)

San Roque Rd

1535 San Roque Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1581 San Roque Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1697 San Roque Rd (County) (Destroyed)

Spyglass Ridge Rd

2875 Spyglass Ridge (County) (Damaged)

2895 Spyglass Ridge (County) (Destroyed)

Tunnel Rd

1140 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1165 Tunnel Rd Unit (County) (Destroyed)

1165 Tunnel Rd Unit A (County) (Destroyed)

1165 Tunnel Rd Unit H (County) (Destroyed)

1165 Tunnel Rd Unit N (County) (Destroyed)

1215 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1242 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1255 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1265 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1285 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1295 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1297 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1350 Tunnel Rd (County) (Damaged)

1454 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1455 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1481 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1489 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1491 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1495 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

1497 Tunnel Rd (County) (Destroyed)

Via Maria

4581 Via Maria (County) (Destroyed)

Williams Way

2786 Williams Way (County) (Destroyed)

Residents within the County (as indicated) may contact Petra Leyva, Planning Supervisor, at 805-568-2071 or for assistance.

Residents within the City (as indicated) may contact George Estrella, Chief Building Official at 805-564-5485 or www.SBCountyPlanning. org.

SBC-JIC Jesusita Fire 073

DATE: May 12, 2009

TIME: 1630 (4:30pm)

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