MAY 28, 2016 — I’m watching Sarah Guthrie, with husband Johnny Irion, sing at the Bernie Sanders Rally at Santa Maria High School. She sang her songs and one of her grandpa Woody’s songs. So I’m thinking, since “So Long It’s Been Good to Know Yuh” is a great sing-along song, what would Woody do during this election year? Maybe this …

“Ode to Bernie”

Oh the billion-aires, buy all the politicians,

And gobble our wealth, without a shred of contrition.

They take, and they take, and the system they rig,

So our chance, for a nest egg, just ain’t that big.



So long, it’s been good to know yuh;

So long, it’s been good to know yuh;

So long, it’s been good to know yuh

This greedy old greed is a gettin us down

And we’ve got to be movin along.

The banks took my house, they took my pension.

They wheeled and they dealed, without apprehension.

They gambled and gambled and gambled away,

And when they went bust, guess who had to pay.



Wall Street told me, I have nothing to worry.

Just give them my paycheck, and I’ll get rich in a hurry.

But then the next morning, when I awoke,

My brokers in Paris, and now I am broke.



Oh the Tea Party anger, it burns up the prairie,

With frustrated rednecks, and the guns that they carry.

Now a Real Estate big mouth, is talkin their talk,

So we’ve got, to keep walkin our walk.



The NRA keeps saying, our guns keep us safe,

But we’re shooting each other, at a terror-ific pace.

And the pol-ice use skin tone, to pick who gets shot,

So we’ve got, to fix this, like it or not.



All folks need work, and a life with dignity.

Do we push them aside, or respond with empathy?

We can ride a high horse, seeking power and wealth,

Or build a community, of safety and health.



With petroleum pollution, our climates a changing.

Our weather and wildlife, are fast rearranging.

Oh the fracking is poisoning, our water and air,

but we can save, this old world, if we care.



Refugees land here, in sheer desperation,

But our terrorized fear, feeds extreme consternation.

Do we go down the pathway, of bigotry and hate,

Or em-brace the world, with a share of our plate.



The world is revolting, and folks demand fairness.

We can sit down and talk, and increase our awareness,

Or bomb them and burn them, and take away hope.

The decision is ours, when we go out and vote.




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