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2018 Summer Camp Guide

Start Making Summer Plans with Santa Barbara’s Complete Guide to Kids’ Activities

Ben Ciccati

It’s the brains I be reachin’
when I promise no preachin’,
when I say no teachin’,
in the great summertime.
There are no backpacks,
no mental whacks, no homework hacks,
in the great summertime.
Explore the arts, many acting parts,
dancing, sports,
and wearing shorts.
Run a course; ride a horse.
Be a force
in the great summertime!
If your path is math, science, or writing,
working your brain can be exciting.
Surfing, hiking, ice-skating, biking:
Get your body moving,
in the great summertime.
The town’s been through a lot,
and our kids have simply got
to claim their spot
at a place that is fraught,
with fun and friends,
where we start a new trend,
where the season never ends,
in the great summertime!
Happy Camping!

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