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Granada Hosts Love Your Theater Backstage Party

Event offers donors a rare behind-the-scenes experience.

Property-Tax Funding Plummets for Montecito Schools

The 1/9 Debris Flow impact on school funding could mean teacher layoffs.

Isla Vista Utility Tax Put to the Voters

An approved tax would raise funding for parking, public safety, and tenant mediation services.

Cash Bail in California Ruled Unconstitutional

Unconvicted detainees languish behind bars, unable to pay bail.

UCSB Sees Record Number of Freshman Applicants

The number of prospective students is up 12 percent over last year.

United Way Distributes $500K to Thomas Efforts

Receiving agencies have helped more than 19,000 impacted by fire and flood.

Building with Wood

Engineered laminated wood panels are transforming high-rise construction while benefiting the planet.

Q&A: Tanja Heitman

Santa Barbara County’s new probation chief arrives with decades of experience in juvenile justice.

Pollock Theater Screens ‘Gabriel over the White House’

Bizarre 1933 film offers up a ‘benevolent fascist’ fantasy.

Matthew Desmond Talks the Trauma of Eviction

The Pulitzer Prize–winning author of ‘Evicted’ is speaking at Campbell Hall on February 22.

'Our Cartoon President’ Satirizes POTUS, or Does It?

The scare factor underlying this series on Trump follies is its proximity to the chilling non-cartoon world over which the Trumpster has dominion.

Martin Ball’s Modern Psychedelics

Santa Barbara–raised professor comes home to discuss entheogens and healing on March 3.

First Responders Were Ready When the Debris Flows Hit

Montecito Fire Division Chief Kevin Taylor explains how a small department pulled a big rescue.

Water-Saving Tip of the Week

With Santa Barbara in severe drought, the city is giving out free efficient sprinkler nozzles.

George Edward McClintock: 1929-2017

George McClintock’s jazz club, the Spigot, brought world-famous jazz musicians to Santa Barbara in the 1950s and 1960s.

Eddie Hsueh: Santa Barbara’s Great Peace Officer

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Eddie Hsueh brings safer ways for law enforcement to work with people with mental illness.

Architectural Archives of the AIA

A valuable resource for property owners and builders

A Train for Morning Commuters to Arrive at Long Last

Years of struggle, votes, and meetings culminate on April 2.

Winemaker Gala Raises $1M for Direct Relief

A third of the money raised will benefit victims of fire and flood.

Dust Up at Santa Barbara City Hall

Mayor Cathy Murillo and Councilmember Jason Dominguez duke it out over SBCAG

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